Adult Assessment

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer individuals comprehensive, evidence-based assessment services.

At Beaches Brain Clinic, we offer psychological and neuropsychological evaluation of mental health and cognitive skills to support individuals with confirmed or suspected non-progressive neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions, as well as mental health concerns, to achieve optimal quality of life.

What we assess for​

We will work closely with you, your family, and your treating team to develop an individualised assessment plan. Depending on your goals, concerns, and needs, we may recommend the following types of assessment/s:

Comprehensive cognitive assessment

We assess of a range of different brain skills in order to determine cognitive strengths and weaknesses, inform cognitive rehabilitation and support, and/or for the purpose of multidisciplinary treatment planning.

Changes in cognition over time

We evaluate changes in cognition / brain skills over time. Examples include recovery from brain injury, pre-and post surgery and medication trials.

Diagnostic evaluation

We offer diagnostic evaluation of mental health and neurodevelopmental concerns.

We offer diagnostic assessments for:

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out how we can help!

Our test library

We have a comprehensive test library at Beaches Brain Clinic. Some of the brain skills that we might assess include:

Intellectual ability
Academic Skills
Executive Functioning
Memory & Learning
Adaptive Functioning
Emotions & Behaviour

We offer a combination of telehealth and face to face appointments to suit your needs.

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